fused Improv

Welcome to the fused Improv.  And I'm the one known as fused.


Most of the 

songs / jams  / twisted insanities / ungodly channelings 

that you will find here are 

originals / improvs / whims / senseless fun / tortured strings,,,

BUT not too often will you find a cover tune.  

Improvs are a lot more fun if you ask me.

Take an idea, some music theory, span a few music styles and let er Rip.  I like to fuse Jazz with anything and everything....  

Keeps it interesting for me AND I hope for you as well....

This site will always be a work in progress as it is a place to share what we here at the Improv do.  

So hang a while, hit the Improv menus and listen to the many fused styles, and there are many, as you will find out during your journey.  

Please Enjoy